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Reiki is love, Love is wholeness, Wholeness is balance, Balance is wellbeing, Wellbeing is free from Disease.

Are you ready to heal? Pam offers powerful reiki and intuitive healing treatments in a comfortably inspired environment that will help restore your inner ¬†spirit and bring balance into your life no matter what your situation may be. Sessions usually last 1 hour. What is Reiki? Usui Reiki is a safe and powerful way to…

If you would like us to guide a ceremony for you, please get in touch with us.

The traditional elder is open to receiving requests for people wanting to be given a traditional spirit name. A spirit name is sacred and has many different explanations depending on who you ask and from what tradition. If you are new to this ceremony it is best to talk to the elder about the historical…

  Coming soon. We will be offering this awesome opportunity to safely and gently experience a ancient spiritual method of healing run by a traditional Ojibway Aboriginal Elder. Please let us know if this service interests you so we can put you on our notification list.

  Prayer is the ancient practice of connecting with our creator to address our needs and wishes. Prayer can have a healing effect on others and ourselves and remind us of our path in ways we would never would otherwise have expected. Some people come from a faith tradition which gives them good guidance on…

Grief Counseling

Imagine living without the burden of carrying grief and loss with you throughout your day. It is possible to be free and live freely.

Pam offers grief counseling for those who have experienced a loss or are feeling overwhelmed by ¬†what life has thrown at them. She has found that Reiki and Grief Counselling are a very good combination to embark upon together. She is a part of the Canadian Pastoral Care association and trained in Clinical Pastoral Education….