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  • Grief Counseling
  • Imagine living without the burden of carrying grief and loss with you throughout your day. It is possible to be free and live freely.

Grief Counseling

Pam offers grief counseling for those who have experienced a loss or are feeling overwhelmed by  what life has thrown at them. She has found that Reiki and Grief Counselling are a very good combination to embark upon together.

She is a part of the Canadian Pastoral Care association and trained in Clinical Pastoral Education. She is comfortable handling deeply painful situations and can be a presence in life’s uncertain times.

By crafting a sacred space where you  feel a compassionate presence in which to safely share the inner longings of your heart,  grief sometimes feels safe enough to show itself too. Through compassionate listening and honed clinical techniques, you can gently start to become a witness to your own healing. Using a process of sharing will help to release pain and allow you to find your grounding.

This work is not easy but the fruits of your labour will be astounding on your overall wellbeing. After a session clients report feeling much lighter, happier, and a deeper sense of calm. By looking at the root of our loss we can begin to understand what is holding us back from our joy of life and create a lasting sense of connectedness.

Sessions usually last 1 hour.